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Creativity lives in all of us.

It is the connection to a world that is unseen.

Waiting to reveal its wonders and magic.


There is NO one exempt.


By tapping into your creativity through the portal of your imagination, 

you will discover your own inner world.


The place where You are the Champion of Your life.  

This is a change in perception. Not position.

You start where you are. Now.

And once you discover the benefits of this perception of your authentic pathway, your outside world will begin to reflect from the inside out.


Many struggle with negative repeating themes, patterns and self-sabotaging efforts.

Constantly searching outward for an authentic pathway in life.

Not realizing value and purpose come from the inside out.

This is where we find, what we were taught or what we thought and what IS,

are not equal.​


The disparity of life.

The place where fear is the master and anxiety, despair and hopelessness are cohorts.

The gaps that fill with shadows keeping us from finding our authentic pathway.


If you have the willingness and openness for exploration into the unknown depths of your inner world, then Creativity Coaching is for you.



All Creativity Coaching Sessions are tailor made and personalized

honoring your path and the soul purpose of YOUR authentic creativity.

Creativity is the Language of Unspoken thoughts and feelings.


Not everyone needs a Coach but EVERYONE needs to have a creative outlet in order to live a balanced life.


Time is a dominant factor in our lives but creativity lives outside of time.


So you'll know when you've found YOUR own creative space in the place time is suspeneded. 


It is essential to finding YOUR own center.


A Creativity Coach can help you find your Way.

Creativity Coaches are guides, who can see blind spots. They have an observer perspective that allows them to be intuitively attuned to your circumstances. Without any bias. Offering time-tested techniques and strategies to help you overcome the challenges or fears that keep you anchored to the past or running like a hamster on a wheel.


Creativity Coaching teaches you how to implement simple practices, that apply to you personally. As well as, encourage you and inspire you along the way. Getting you to be where you envision yourself to be. In every aspect of your life.


Creativity Coaching helps you to develop your intuition, the Inner Compass that always knows the Way.







Our expressive art sessions are designed to bring out YOUR creative bent.


And we use storytelling to lead the way. 

Our unique classes teach you how to implement imagination and creativity into your life through storytelling. Allowing for your inner creativity to come out. This is essential to finding your own center. The place where creativity is the expression of your soul. 


Our teachings are guideposts to help you cultivate and develop your own methods helping you to shine the full brilliance of your soul's authentic signature.

The environment for these classes are designed for individuals or small groups of (8-12). This provides an intimate and safe setting allowing creativity and intuition a chance to emerge.


Making a way to develop an avenue for transformative healing to occur. 




Shadowland is founded on the fundamental principle of knowing. And there is unbounded potential when we allow our intuition to guide us.


This is a whole different type of learning. Or really…unlearning, all the things that are not you, at the core.


My readings, teachings and creative coaching is infused with unique methods for the seeker who is ready to take their own journey and let go of the overlays others have placed on them.


True healing happens when we are free to be ourselves from the insideout.


Learn how to be guided by your intuition and allow the subconscious to speak and hear the voice of your soul.

I began Shadowland as part of my Masters studies of shadow work. And in this immersion I found I, myself had many shadows looming over my light. So I began my own journey of discovering my inner world and my inner voice.


Learning how to hear the voice of my soul was similar to when I was a child learning to read. Suddenly the letters formed words and I understood!


I won’t tell you learning how to hear your intuitive voice was easy at first because it was very uncomfortable, as most new ventures are, but I kept at it. Practicing everyday, keeping track of the images, words and impressions I received.  Practicing allowed me to find how I best connected to my subconscious messaging. Then one day…wow! I heard loud and clear and UNDERSTOOD the language of my soul.


This is a gift that allows me to tune into the unseen world and help others find their way.

Learn all you can from your birth chart. It has many hidden treasures.

Trust yourself. This is paramount to anything you do in life.

Be persistent. Ask for help if you need it. It’s not a sign of weakness.


Allow your soul light to shine!

"There is belief and there is knowing. Belief is something contrived when the mind is afraid. Instead of trusting by faith. Faith is not a belief. Faith has no religious affiliation. Faith is beyond sensory understanding. Faith is trusting in the unseen, inner world that exists within you. And allowing it to guide you with an inner knowing. -- Pasha Guru


This is living from the insideout.


The Oxfords Dictionary defines Myth as: a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.


At Shadowland we believe in healing through creation and myth is the doorway.

By creating your own personal myths to live by, you create a container that allows for the energies perceived as conflict and opposites to move from the unknown to the known.


This is done through the vehicle of the story itself.

If I live your story, I will never fully live my own soul’s purpose.

This is where your own life is inspiring.

To you, as well as others.


Ritualistically, the myth becomes a place to go back to for remembrance of the victories in negotiating your own life's battles.


The conscious depiction of the unconscious pulls in our lives.


Pushing us toward our unique purpose.


Myth is the expression of the unseen brought into the seen. It then becomes a container for the unexpressed emotions we harbor within our unconscious.

Myth creates a space where you can learn to discover how to synthesise the opposites in your life.

When we contain the major transitions, pains and traumas of our life through storytelling it allows us to externalize our personal triumphs in a way that, only through these methods, allow us to not be held prisoner by them.


Releasing you from limiting perceptions.


Our creative coaching gives you permission to visualize the greater purpose for yourself by exposing cyclical patterns, the places where shadows lie. The places that create gaps in our perceptions, distorting the authentic reflection of who you actually are.


All you have to be is willing.


There are no special creativity requirements.


Shadowland is experienced at exposing the areas of fear based thinking --


the place that is value deprived.


This is not a fast food method to being, but a commitment to responsibility for both word and action.


Through various forms of artistic expression, we teach how creating myth is an essential part of discovering who you are.


Releasing the potential that lives inside ourselves.


Myth teaches us how to keep our shadows reflected behind us, instead of before us, blocking our internal brilliance.


Myth teaches us to accept the deterministic nature in which we are born into and using it as living material, reshaping and removing the disparity of what is inward to what is reflected outward.


Allowing the divine treasure of who you are to shine through.


Revealing the wholeness that always was.


At Shadowland we teach how to access the parts of your inner world so that they can be brought into the light of love. That in order to perceive your wholeness you must embrace the treasures in the darkness, instead of trying to excise or repress these dark parts of ourselves.


This shift in perception draws from the power of openness and of allowing what is, to be.


Being the conduit for life's forces instead of trying to manipulate it to something that emerges as chaos.


We use various methods implementing imagination which allows myth to teach how to assimilate the energies through applicable knowledge in relation to the individual's own life experiences, which gives way to insight and understanding.


Uncover your soul’s pathway and live your own story!

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