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If you have the willingness and openness for exploration into the unknown depths of your inner world, then you have found the right place.

At Shadowland, we teach you definitive ways how to transform your perceptions that shape your life.

Working from the inside out.


Imagination and creativity are vehicles that move you into the place where the wellspring of intuition lives.


Opening up avenues for you to find your authentic space and live a soulful life.

The place where love is boundless.​

Let us show you the way to learn how to keep your shadow behind you.


Instead of in front of you...blocking the brilliance of YOUR soul’s authentic pathway.


Diane Giunta
Dr. D
Founder and Creativity Coach for Shadowland Creative

Hi! Im Soul Dr. D!


A Soul Alchemist.

Helping you turn emotional lead into spiritual gold.


I am a teacher and facilitator helping to nurture an environment for transformation through creativity and imagination.


Guiding you to find the way to YOUR inner creative path.

This as an inner transformation in perception, that is reflected outward.


By taking the inner pathway, you gain an understanding of your own authentic value through facing the shadows of your life.


Uncovering your soul, the unique essence that is only you.

I call it discovering treasures in the darkness.


Ive spent over 30 years in the graphic design field as creative designer, writer and coach. Since 2017, Soul Alchemy has been my life's inspiration. Helping others to uncover their true pathway.


I am a certified Karmic Astrologer and Empathic Psychic Reader. I have certifications in Remote viewing, Akashic Record Reading and Art & Writing Therapy. For a more extensive look at my credentials, please click >>HERE<<

Soul Alchemy... 

turning emotional lead into Spiritual Gold


Kirk of the Cosmos
Master of Cosmic Metaphysics
And Creativity Coach for Shadowland Creative

Kirk is a Master of Cosmic Metaphysics & Creativity. His myriad of talents extend well beyond the natural. After spending many years as a commercial artist, Kirk is dedicated to helping others find their own creative expressions.


Combining his creative experience and knowledge of the metaphysical realm makes him our most requested Creativity Coach, inspiring and expanding your creative space in a essential cosmic way.

"Everything is the same thing...Homemade"

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